Prayer for broken lives – Preghiera per le vite spezzate

Artwork realized for th 46th national Madonnari’s meeting in “Grazie di Curtatone”.
“Preghiera per le vite spezzate” (Prayer for broken lives)
Children are our past and our future. Every day, many of their lives are broken, unfairly taken from wars and diseases, drowned, children are beaten or never born…. and those lives are far too early broken.
This piece mixes two styles of Madannari’s art: the classic 2D, which is used to draw the Madonna delle Grazie’s icon, and the more recent 3D, which is used for the anamorphic composition to show two children angels, drawn as human in the upper body and then vanishing into angels.
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Sei in Viaggio!

Ecco il servizio di Matteo Taietti per Telemantova, andato in onda il 6 aprile 2018

. Sono molto felice di farne parte, si dice che non si è mai profeti in patria, e invece questa volta eccomi ^_^

Puntata Sei in Viaggio.

minuto 16.20 !!!



Cretto di Gibellina.

Last week, I worked on a project that worried me a lot, the reproduction of a work of Burri: Cretto of Gibellina (Sicily) .The work’s genesis dates back to the destruction of the city of Gibellina (now called Gibellina Vecchia) caused by the earthquake of Belice January 14, 1968: the power of the earthquake completely destroyed the city, leaving the majority of homeless families. Burri designed a gigantic monument of death that goes through the streets and alleys of the old town: in fact it is the same place where once there were the ruins, now cemented by the work of Burri. From the work appears as a series of concrete fractures on the ground, whose artistic value lies in the freezing of the historical memory of a country. Each slit is between two and three meters wide, while the blocks are high about a meter and sixty and has an area of about 8000 square meters, making it one of the most extensive contemporary art in the world.
Commissioned by the Società Rionale Prato of Città di Castello, birthplace Burri. The work had to be done on the ground with the 3D technique. I accepted the challenge, reproduce a work is always an unknown factor. Fortunately being a three-dimensional work, the effect is very well managed.

Tempera and chalk on pavment, Mt 4×4.

Thank’s my friend Valentina for the help and Centro Culturale Artisti Madonnari. Thank’s very much all the Staff to the StreetFestival!!!!!


Art Chalk!

If you want to know the chalk art, not just street art as I do, but also pastels, tools … this book is for you!
Tracy Lee Stum will guide you in this universe and you will also find some of my works !!

Edit. Rockport Pub
Available through her website at
or Amazon — con Tracy Lee Stum e Ketty Grossi

Blumberg StreetArt Festival

Return to Blumberg is like coming home for me, between old friends, the legendary Clemens, the place, the hospitality … all excellent, as was the beer !!!!
This time I decided to make a tribute to the great director Hayao Miyazaki, specifically his ‘Laputa – The Castle in the Sky’.
I made a painting anamorphic, with respect to the project I had to make a change because I found a manhole in the middle of the space I needed, so I used it to my advantage. And the robot Guardian comes out of the manhole of Blumberg!

Tornare a Blumberg è come tornare a casa per me, tra vecchi amici, il mitico Clemens, il posto, l’ospitalità…tutto ottimo, come la birra!!!!
Questa volta ho deciso di fare un omaggio al grande Regista Hayao Miyazaki, precisamente alla sua ‘Laputa – Il Castello nel Cielo’.
Ho realizzato un dipinto anamorfico, rispetto al progetto ho dovuto fare una modifica perchè mi son trovata un tombino in mezzo allo spazio che mi serviva, così l’ho usato a mio vantaggio. E il robot Guardiano esca dal tombino di Blumberg.

In Tarkovskij World!

At the end of May I have been in Russia for the first time. Thanks to my dear friend and Vera Bugatti artist who invited me to BelMelFest in Belgorod, a chalk festival dedicated to the white city . The invitation of Svetlana Gubina to create a 3D on old Russian film, a tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky Arsen’evič . We created this 4 x 6 meters pavement art. The hospitality was good, young volunteers were fantastic, even when it rained!!



Domani vi aspetto a Brescia per questo bellissimo evento, dove avrò modo di realizzare un dipinto a tema Disney , per il Centro Culturale Artisti Madonnari, grazie al Comune di Brescia, l’Associazione Brescia Centro e tutti coloro che hanno reso possibile l’evento…..e ci sarà una sorpresa che non posso svelarvi!!!!

Tra favole, disegni, letture, laboratori e incontri fiabeschi, si snoderà in corso Martiri della Libertà un percorso sospeso tra realtà e fantasia in una giornata di gioco e racconto, sorpresa e arte. L’edizione 2015 di Meravigliàrti – il Corso dei Miracoli è dedicata ai bambini e alle loro famiglie!


Tomorrow I’ll wait for this wonderful event in Brescia, where I will have to make a painting Disney theme for the Cultural Center Artists Pavement, thanks to the City of Brescia, Brescia Centre Association and all those who made the event possible. …. and there will be a surprise that I can not reveal to you !!!!

Between stories, drawings, readings, workshops and meetings fairytale, it will unfold in the course Martiri della Libertà a path suspended between reality and fantasy in a day of play and story, surprise and art. The 2015 edition of marvel – the Course of Miracles is dedicated to children and their families!